It is your right as a consumer to shop and compare prices among funeral and cremation providers. It is our obligation as a public service provider to properly inform the consumer while being as open and transparent as possible.

"Informed consumers make wise decisions."

  • Burial Packages

    Burial Packages

    It's often seen as easier not to have a memorial service or funeral, and it's certainly seen as a less expensive alternative. But we're here to say this: an easy, cheaper path is not always better one. Grief experts all agree: a ceremony is an important part of the healing process.

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  • Cremation Packages

    Cremation Packages

    With cremation getting more popular among families, you should know the options that are available to you. These packages can be tailored to suite any needs.

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  • Caskets


    There are hundreds of options available when it comes to caskets. With 38 caskets to view on-site, we try to show you different design, color and material options that are available.

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  • Outer Burial Containers

    Outer Burial Containers

    We offer outer burial containers in plastic, steel and concrete. Some options can be personalized with text and pictures at no additional cost.

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  • Urns


    We offer wide variety of urns. On-site, we show many different materials and designs that are available. Many can be personalized with text and/or pictures.

    Ask your funeral director about personalization options.

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  • Urn Vaults

    Urn Vaults

    We offer a variety of urn vaults to protect urns for ground burials. This is important when heavy equipment is driven across graves.

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  • Jewelry


    We offer a vast selection jewelry for both suites both traditional burial and cremation families. Depending on the jewelry you select, it may be personalized with text, fingerprints or photos.

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